Thank you, and a temporary farewell.

Dear Readers,

With a conflicted heart, I write to tell you I am taking a break from Your Sentence Here. For the past week or so, an intricate set of ideas for a new novel have been surfacing within me, and they have developed to the point where I can no longer ignore them. I have a tendency to become ensnared by my writing endeavors, and they don’t let go of me until they’ve been fully explored, so I would be lying to myself if I thought I could write short stories in parallel with this book.

Thank you for being a part of Your Sentence Here. This experience has meant more to this wordsmith than he can find the vocabulary for. Your consistent readership and positive feedback have provided me with an affirmation that I have long searched for – undeniable proof that this is what I was meant to do. Writing will eternally be my fiercest, most intoxicating love, and your validation is a tangible reward for the sacrifices I’ve made for her. Tangibility, I believe, in this abstract world of creativity, is something many of us artists spend an uncomfortably long time trying to find.

I hope that the next time you hear from me, it will be to tell you my first novel will be in stores soon, and that my new one is well underway. No matter the circumstance, I promise I will be back with the same intensity I left, and likely more. In the meantime, if you haven’t read all nine of the Your Sentence Here stories, they are accessible through the menu. They love to be read. Without you they’re just words, just dormant seeds longing for the fertile mind of a reader. Thank you for helping my stories come alive, and more significantly – thank you for helping me, come alive.